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Brumby horses

The history of Brumbies can be considered similar or parallel to that of the American Mustang.  These horses are descendants of the lost or escaped horses of the European colonists.  Before the arrival of the colonists, horses did not exist in Australia.  The first horses seen in Australia came from South Africa and, later, horses came from Indonesian and English breeds, Thoroughbreds, Arabian horses...

The Brumby breed, the feral Australian horse breed, descended from these horses.  This horse is found in all parts of the country.  This phenomenon arose from the escape and release of horses taking place in Australia.  The number of horses living in the wild rose quite quickly as the colonists used to set their horses free when they were not using them to work the cattle.

Brumby Horses photos Brumby Horses

The problem with this was that the number of free horses, the Brumby, was increasingly greater.  They adapted well to the environment and continued to grow.  They robbed food from the cattle and the local fauna, contributing to their extinction.

It posed the potential problem of ecological imbalance.  So, the Brumby became considered as harmful for the environment.  To control the population, the government authorized the hunting and killing of these horses.  The raids and harassment and shooting could cause the extinction of this breed of horses.

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