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Horse dressage

Horse Dressage

In the world of horses, there are several disciplines that show this animal in all its beauty.  One example is the classic dressage. Thanks to these exhibitions, we can admire the elegance and harmony that these noble animals are capable of showing. This discipline shows us the horse's training as it obeys all the rider's commands.  

Dressage is a complicated activity that requires many hours of effort and dedication, with the objective of showing the physique and the most beautiful movements of the horse. In dressage, the rapport between horse and rider is essential to demonstrate a perfect balance and extreme sensitivity.  

The objective of this doctrine is for the horse to be perfectly peaceful and submissive. We can find the origin of this art in military training as the lives of many soldiers in Ancient Greece were in the hands of the horses, depending on their reaction when faced with obstacles and their agility in the battlefield.

The Olympic history of classic dressage dates back to 1912, although it wasn't until 1952, the year that women as well as gentlemen were allowed to participate in this discipline, that the sport became extensive.

In a classic dressage competition, a series of movements with a pre-established sequence must be performed in a text known as a "reprise." The classic dressage competitions take place in a soft track, 60 meters long by 20 meters wide, in which horse and rider can each show their best. Three judges evaluate the equine movements, penalizing when they pass the determined time limit or if they commit any errors.

To achieve perfection and, therefore, maximum beauty in this discipline, difficult training is necessary, as well as a lot of patience on part of the rider. The rider will achieve perfection with exactitude and balance when the horse calmly obeys without resistance or confusion. In this discipline, a team or individuals may complete challenges.  One of the rules of this sport is that the horse must be over six years of age.  In the competition, you may not use bandages or protective guards.

In this sport, men and women can participate, but the outfit must be a dark colored blazer with a top hat and white gloves.

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