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The pony is a type of miniature horse that, in fact, is defined as a horse less than 148 centimeters in height.  All categories allow one centimeter more if the pony is shod.  The origin of these short foals could be Europe in the seventeenth century, and its function was mainly as a pet.  The miniature horse species comes from a cross between a Shetland and a small size Thoroughbred.  Years later, they exported various breeds together to America, where they were used to transport carbon and ore from the mines.

The Divisions of the Small Animal According to Height:

Miniature Horses (Section A): up to 86.4 cm (34").
Miniature Horses (Section B): from 86.4 cm to 96.5 cm (38").
Ponies (Division A): up to 1,10 cm.
Ponies (Division B): up to 1,30 cm.
Ponies (Division C): up to 1,40 cm.
Ponies (Division D): up to 1,48 cm.

Ponies Ponies photos

When we think about a pony, the image that comes to our minds is a little horse ridden by a little kid. Riding a pony is an activity unknown to the majority, however, it has a many advantages.

The origin of the pony comes much later than the horse.  This animal is characterized by its great strength, its rounded body and its powerful hind legs, on top of its friendly and docile character, which makes children as well as adults attracted to these equids.

This type of animal needs ample place to live.  An area of 3 square meters is considered adequate, though, the bigger the better. Another aspect to keep in mind is the care of your pony's hooves.  The horseshoe you use should be appropriate for the pony's size, and you should also periodically check it to avoid problems.  Cleaning it is one of the essential tasks that should be taken care of daily.

Finally, note that forage and fodder are the original feed for the pony.  Calculating the appropriate amount to ration over the day is key for a balanced diet.

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