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Pony breeds

Among pony breeds that exist in Spain, we are pointing out three: the Asturcon pony, the Welsh Pony, and the Shetland.  

The Asturcon pony is the horse from the North of Spain, specifically Asturias. They lived primarily in the wild.  Their main virtue is their strength.  They were in danger of extinction with the appearance of machines, reaching the number of only 40 specimens.  Currently, thanks to the Breeding Association of the Asturcan Pony Breed, there are now 800 heads of this breed. 

Today, they are used for grass and are starting to compete in competitions. They do not reach over 148 centimeters in height.They have big eyes and a medium size head.  Their character is docile and they have a strong constitution which makes them useful for riding and for light work, always in the pony category.

The Welsh pony is a larger variety of pony from the Welsh mountains.  This breed has been the basis for the foundation of other types of breeds like the Hackney, the polo pony, and the riding pony.

It is the ideal breed of pony for riding because of its bravery and intelligence, along with its docility and strength. It has a large head with lively eyes and its height does not exceed 137 centimeters.   

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The Shetland pony is known as one of the most robust breeds of pony, owing to the adverse conditions it must weather in the Northern lands of Scotland. Because of this strength, it has been used for agricultural work.  Later, it became a perfect ride for the smallest kids.  The Shetland has a double coat which is impermeable to wind and rain.

Its long and thick mane keeps it warm, which is essential if you think about the cold temperatures on the Shetland Islands.  Because of all this, the Shetland is the strongest known equid. They have two coats depending on the season.  The winter coat is double and impermeable and the summer one is shorter and shiny.  Its head is usually small and well-proportioned.  Its main characteristic is its robust nature accompanied by vitality.  

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