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Spanish horses

The Spanish horse or Andalusian is a horse breed.  Its origin, as the name indicates, is Spain.

Its presence on the peninsula is calculated from the time of the Romans.  It is almost certain that Spanish horse comes from a mix between the Berber and the Arabian in the time when the Arabs ruled Spain.  This mix of breeds made the native horse acquire the typical elegance of the current Spanish horse.

They are characterized by their physical characteristics: The height of the withers should be between 155 and 165 centimeters. Its medium-sized, lightly convex head has vivacious, peculiar eyes with a desperate look.

Spanish Horses  
  Spanish horses photos

The Spanish or Andalusian horse's neck is strong and arched, covered with a long mane.  Its chest is wide and strong with a muscular back. With all its characteristics, it is a great horse to ride. It has an obedient character and is usually given to quick rapport with a rider. 

We can say that it is a proportionate horse in its entire appearance. Furthermore, with its skills it has great facility for bullfighting and for managing large herds of cattle.

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