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Trail riding

Horse trails have become very popular in recent years, in part because of the rise in rural tourism.  Riding on the back of a horse is not something you can do every day.  If you also like to enjoy nature without the interruptions of the city, horse trails may be your favorite sport.  These paths are well thought out and designed to enjoy your riding experience to the fullest.  

The trails are always monitored by a guide and the horses are tame; they are trained for this purpose.  They will also be accustomed to dealing with strangers, so they are most likely very docile and obedient horses.  With these animals, you will experience the sensation of riding freely among rivers and forests.  In Spanish cities as well as abroad you can find refuges where you can take advantage of this healthy practice.  

Trail Riding

Trail Riding

You only have to choose your destination and a horse will be prepared and waiting for you!! Here we will show you some images these horse trails through the Spanish countryside have given us.

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