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White Horses

The Camargue horse

The Camargue horse bears the name of its region of origin at the delta of the Rhone River, in the South of France.  The Camargue breed is a very primitive breed.  In fact, it is thought that this horse has long ties to the horses represented in the cave paintings in the caves of Lascaux, France.

This horse lives in the marshy regions of Camargue and has for hundreds of years.  Wranglers use them to round up herds of wild bulls.

Albino Horses

The hallmark of this horse is its white coat, pink skin and its slate-blue or dark-blue eyes.  In the wild state, the Albino has pink eyes, owing to the lack of pigment.  The Albino is one of the most docile, intelligent and balanced breeds existing.

White Horses

Lipizzan Horses 

The Lipizzan owes its name to the Slovenian stud farm in Lipizza, founded in 1580.  This horse is also tamed elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Most people associate the Lipizzan horse with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.  

Only the best white stallions, at the age of five, are admitted into the training program.  The best horses are finally used as reproductive sires.

The Lipizzan has also demonstrated its uses in equestrian sport and international dressage.  The Arabian and Andalusian breeds are ancestors of the Lipizzan.  

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