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Wild horses

Wild horses were very prevalent throughout all Europe and Asia.  

Wild horses live in bands that are normally composed of mares and fillies, dominated by one stallion.

Being social animals, their body and facial expressions do a lot to communicate.  When in heat, the mare will bare here teeth to the male, keeping her ears straight up and her tail to one side.  Gestation lasts approximate eleven months.  Newborns are called fillies or colts until they reach four years of age.

Wild Horses

Normally, the average life expectancy of a horse is about 20 years, though it is common for them to reach 30 and 40.

The instinct that guides feral horses is very strong and conditions their behavior.  They are capable of differentiating between flavors like sweet, bitter, salty and sour.  The feral horse stands on three legs to rest.  This instinct goes far back to when they ran the danger of being caught by another animal at night.

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